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DIY Architectural was set up for an interaction between the client and us, the architect, to collectively generate the existing plans, design drawings and construction documents for his/her home project. DIY provides the client with a step by step process to help effectively measure an existing room and how to build upon that to measure an entire house. DIY also provides app recommendations to assist in measuring and drawing the home's existing conditions. The client can use laser measuring devices or standard measure tape to measure existing conditions.

Once the existing conditions are documented, the client uploads the files to the website and DIY Architectural will send the client a bid based on the level of assistance they need and the scope of work for their project. DIY will then generate proposed designs in 2D and/or 3D. Via internet meetings DIY meets with the client for architectural critiques of the design work and to assist the client through the process of obtaining a permit. The client needs to confirm with their local Building Department, Planning Department and HOA(Home Owner's Association) that their project complies with their requirements and restrictions. If the project is under an HOA, the client will need to understand their requirements and get their approval before submitting to the Building Department. DIY can assist and guide the client with what is required for their local agencies as needed. Once the agencies approve the project conceptually, either the client or a local contractor can run basic budget numbers before going into construction documents/building plans. DIY will then do the construction documents based on the designs, use a local engineer to do any required engineering and also prepare the Title 24 calculations for the project submittal. During the engineering phase, critical measurements will be confirmed by either the engineer, contractor or DIY. Either the client or DIY can submit the project to the Building Department, or a permit expeditor can be utilized to do the submittal for us. Once the project is approved, DIY is here to assist the client with any questions and to give architectural guidance during the construction process.

DIY Architectural can also become part of the team for interior designers and general contractors. Our website can be utilized as a simple tool and resource to upload project information in which DIY can generate 2D and/or 3D designs to present so your client understands the design.

The permit process in some jurisdictions can be complicated and time consuming, but is a crucial part of your home's value. When doing DIY home improvements it is important that you always obtain the appropriate permits that are required and get them finalized through the inspection process to keep a clean title on your property. A very important note: if you, the do-it-yourselfer or a contractor, does the remodel or addition per the current code but does not obtain a permit from the governmental agency, the project does not fall under the agency's grandfather clause. When you sell or refinance your home, or get into the unfortunate situation where you get caught, your project will have to be permitted under the current code. Any changes the code has gone through, you will have to update and this is not a cost effective way to build. Your Building Department is there to help you and give you guidance through the process. This is used as a form of checks and balances for the industry. DIY always recommends a permit for home improvements. Check with your local agencies to confirm when one is required.

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