Q: What size and types of projects do you design?
Q: Are you licensed?
Q: Why should I hire DIY Architectural?
Q: Do you design commercial projects?
Q: What is involved in the design process?
Q: What projects do I need a permit for?

Q: Can I remodel my house in phases?
Q: What information do you need from us?
Q: How can I submit my documents/plans to you?
Q: What file format must I use to upload my files to your website?
Q: What happens at the initial consultation?


Q: When do I pay design fees?
Q: What types of payment do you accept?
Q: How far would you travel?
Q: Why do I need an architect?
Q: What is the difference between construction cost and project cost?
Q: Do you help me find a contractor?
Q: Do I need to hire an interior designer for the interiors of my project?
Q: Do I need to hire other design professionals or consultants?
Q: What are the setback requirements for my project?
Q: What are the different stages of a project?
Q: What happens during the construction phase?